The idea is simple we gather all your local shipments, put them together and send them to your international location, when you need it. We consolidate the shipments from all your suppliers and ship them to you abroad. Pay one international shipment with those big and small items from all your different vendors. We will work with you to understand all your requirements and provide a dedicated service contract. If you need to ship multiple items to different locations in Wichita, KS, we got you covered! With our direct distribution of bulk shipments we receive your consolidated package and distribute it to all your Wichita clients and OEM manufacturers. No need to pay multiple international shipments to distribute and return items in our home town. Phast Parts Enterprise LLC makes getting shipments to your international location easier than ever. With our shipment consolidation service, you pay for one large international shipment of all the equipment from your various suppliers.

Call Us to Simplify Your Shipments

If you need shipment consolidation services, please email us at or call us at 316-928-2025Our staff will work with you to produce a dedicated service contract designed to meet your needs.