Aviation Training Facilitator and Aviation Parts Services Based in Wichita Kansas

Achieve new heights! Soar high and achieve your goals with quality aviation parts and services supplied by Phast Parts Enterprise LLC. Combined there are over 75 years of personnel experience in the aviation industry with a strong commitment to excellence for providing your aircraft parts, training services, logistics and more.

Our Mission

Phast Parts Enterprise LLC strives to provide parts and services of the highest quality in order to help our customers meet their aviation needs. The experience and expertise of our staff allow us to help our customers achieve their goals while complying with all rules and regulations at the national and international level.

Our Vision

The ultimate goal of Phast Parts Enterprise LLC is to continue to provide customer-focused services that go beyond language and culture as we grow into a leading role in the aviation industry. Through our parts, training facilitation, language, and shipment consolidation services, we aim to support our customers to reach the next level.

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