Language Services
                                  Foreign business... in our language!!

Phast Parts Enterprise LLC., Language Division, has a professional team of native Spanish speaking translators with vast experience translating mostly aerospace technical logbooks and related materials, as well as legal documents such as, agreements, government contracts, publications, etc., with all the necessary background and technology.

The team has developed many domestic and international relationships with various service centers and technical personnel from both the commercial and general aviation industry. The Team consists of translators certified by the American Translators Association , FAA certified Airframe and Power plant bilingual mechanics for accurate terminology, and a former long time Cessna manager experienced in government and sales contracts.

These are some of the services that the company offers:

     •       Translations (including technical)

     •       Proofread and edit documents 

     •       Meeting / conference call interpretations

     •       Business customized seminars 

     •       Language classes for executives

     •       Simultaneous interpretation

We offer language and translation services from native Spanish speakers with vast experience translating logbooks, aerospace technical logbooks, government contracts, publications and numerous other forms of documentation in order to support our customers with Spanish-speaking backgrounds. Our language staff consists of American Translators Association certified translators, FAA certified Airframe and Power plant bilingual mechanics and an experienced manager with expert knowledge of sales and government contracts.

Translation Services Include:

- Translations
- Proofreading and Editing
- Meeting and Conference Call Interpretation
- Language Classes
- Customized Seminars